👀 Who needs some time travel?


🤩 In the Software and Computer Museum, it is possible! Plan yourself an unusual pastime for a free tour of rare exhibits of computer technology with our experienced guide.

📺 Our Museum is a place where you can plunge into the wonderful world of the history of computer technology and software. In addition to computers, we can present several legendary programs and many other interesting things.

❗️ Museum is open in Kharkiv! To book a tour, you can:
📞 Call us at the number 067-539-40-50
🤖 Contact the chatbot at the following link: https://sncmuseum.customer.smartsender.eu/lp/i3OVfzBX

🕰 Our professional guide will be waiting for you every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 12:00 to 18:00.

🚀 Learn more about the past to understand what the future holds!

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