We have to study the past to understand the present and create the future.


🌟The top priority is to support and develop the country. We have to study the past to understand the present and create the future. Therefore, we are sharing a special place for an interesting pastime - the Ukrainian computer history community forum: forum.it-museum.com.

👥 Our colleagues and other computer enthusiasts all over Ukraine are trying to develop this platform and would be very happy to have new members. We believe this is a very important cause that supports the movement of technology history enthusiasts in Ukraine and allows finding like-minded people from different cities and regions.

🌐 Online resources of this type allow us to collect and exchange information on topics related to our movement. The main goal is to preserve the historical heritage and enrich knowledge about the development of computer technology. In addition, such sites can become a platform for communication between enthusiasts, which leads to exchanging experience and expertise.

📚 Although the platform was created recently, there is already a large list of interesting topics. For example, Ukrainian and foreign museums and collections are discussed in the field. There are also topics about retro computers and software that are familiar to our audience. There are sections on consoles and the gaming industry, a database of useful files and documents, and a message board for finding exhibits.

🤝 We will be glad to see you on our forum.