The history of the development of computer devices for pupils


The computer in the life of the younger generation is one of the main sources of information. How did it all begin?

The history of the development of computer devices is curious to study our children. Today, on the first day of the holidays, the Kharkiv Museum of Software and Computers visited 79 people, 97% of them - schoolchildren.

The most numerous delegation arrived from Zmeyev Lyceum №2 named after Z.K. Slyusarenko About our museum teachers of lyceum have read on the Internet, in the category TOP of interesting museums in the city of Kharkov.

The guys listened with enthusiasm to the stages of improving the means of computing and information, from abaca (bills) and cumbersome computing to modern gadgets.

And what kind of interest was caused by the story of the guide about gaming consoles, a lot of them are presented at the exposition.

An unexpected gift for young visitors - the opportunity to play on the prefixes. Leaving the museum did not want schoolchildren.

In the Kiev Museum, too, was a tense day, the Kiev people are interested in the process of evolution of computer technology.

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