Software and Computer Museum in Kharkiv celebrates its birthday!


:sparkles: It all started when the team of initiators decided to create an amazing space in Kharkiv and showed their willingness to invest in the first exhibitions and educational programmes, having a large collection of exhibits from different times. They opened their doors on 29 August 2017, calling themselves the Software and Computer Museum (SnC).:partying_face: Over the past year, despite the difficult circumstances, we have made a significant contribution to the quality of education for our students:
:+1: Created five new courses (including the AI course);
:+1: We trained and graduated students during the blackout (that's why we call this stream "unbreakable");
Created a chatbot for registering for museum visits and excursions;
Finally, we reopened the museum in our native Kharkiv;
:+1: And a lot more interesting things.:smiling_face_with_3_hearts: Today, we have prepared a report on how the Educational Centre has been working for six years and what successes it has achieved thanks to the team's dedicated work, the inspiration of our students and the boundless creativity of volunteers, partners and friends.:point_right: Link to the infographic:я 

Stay tuned! :blue_heart: