Students about the course "Basic computer literacy"


Six months ago, the courses started in the museum for basic computer literacy for the age category of Kharkiv citizens over 40 years old. During this time, three streams of students were trained, with some of them we decided to talk.

- Tatyana Mykolaivna, what is your impression of training?

- I am very pleased and enthusiastic about the course, because I remembered the forgotten pleasure from the learning process. Many moments were completely unfamiliar to me, for example - Google Drive.

-How was the course organized, were you satisfied with the availability of the material?

-The course was perfectly organized: the necessary material was selected, our teacher. Julia Zheltonog, showed attention to our questions and gave new knowledge at a suitable pace for us, not hurrying up and not being annoyed. I collected a whole folder of printed material, which I now use.

Have you advised anyone from friends or acquaintances to undergo basic computer literacy training in our courses?

-I recommended courses 9 to friends, two of them are already studying, two more are waiting for an invitation to test, the rest are hesitating. I thank the creators and teachers of the courses for the opportunity for further independent development and the opened prospect of working using modern computer technologies mastered by the youth. I'm not sad anymore, thinking about my age, and I clearly realize that everything is ahead of me.

- Victor Vladimirovich, what induced you to take the course of basic computer literacy with us?

- From acquaintances I learned that the museum of computers was opened and there for free, which is very important in our time, we can eliminate gaps in computer knowledge.

- How did the teaching process take place, was the teacher interested in the student to master the material?

- The organization of the educational process, teaching methods and the provision of new material, in my opinion, are thought out to detail. Many thanks to the organizers of these courses and sponsors. Separately, I want to note the extraordinary teachers who show respect for each student, excerpts and complicity in the problems of everyone who decided to master the computer, they answered all the questions, no matter how funny they were. I wish that the courses continued for others

- Irina Aleksandrovna, from what source did you learn about our courses?

- At the courses offered to go girlfriend, her daughter with friends - the students were in the museum on a tour and shared the bright impressions.

- Do you decide to learn basic computer literacy for yourself, communicate with friends or need to apply knowledge at the workplace?

- First of all, it was necessary to work. From now on, I can quickly navigate through a large stream of information, rationally, using Google Calendar, plan your day, help us master the tables (excel), format the texts and much more. I thank the organizers and teachers for the class project.

The dialogue turned out to be fruitful, our graduates actively apply the knowledge gained in the courses of basic computer literacy. They highly appreciated the organization and methods of teaching.

 And the museum staff prepares new programs, improves the ways of presenting the material, and looks for resources for further development.