Start "SMM-course" for the first 10 lucky!


On the first day of spring, the debut of the new stage of training for the 10 our graduates took place - the first lesson of training specialists in the field of SMM.

The main criteria for selecting potential SMMs were:

  • amount of points at the end of basic computer literacy courses,
  • detailed analysis of questionnaires,
  • psychological factors.

At the first lesson, the students met SMM's goal - working on the company's reputation, increasing brand recognition, attracting additional audiences, and eventually increasing sales, orders, services.

SMM assumes work not only over the authority of the company, but also over its Internet resource

  • cheap,
  • ease of use
  • attraction of the target audience,
  • use of large internet sites,
  • statistics: the ability to monitor users' activities regularly
  • Sarafan Radio Effect: Lyrics and Reports.

We wish good luck to students in mastering new material.

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