Сopywriting lesson


There is a tradition in our Software and Computer Museum. Basic computer literacy course graduates are offered to continue their studies to acquire skills in a new sphere.

 On February 26, an introductory lesson was held for 25 basic computer literacy course graduates, who desire to get a new modern profession - a copywriter.

An experienced teacher introduced our future students the main aspects of the new profession. She emphasized that there are still no special universities for educating professional copywriters, and they master the profession in the process of work. The guarantee of recognition in copywriting is being professional in literacy, basic laws of journalism, advertising and marketing.

Students found out that the copywriter:

  • author of texts with creative thinking,
  • books lover,
  • an educated person with life experience,
  • psychologist.

Dialogue with the teacher turned out to be informative. Future copywriters asked a variety of questions about the work aspects and got answers about this new sphere which will provide them with additional or basic income.

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