Software and Computer Museum on Tour


Hello again! Today I would like to share with you my first experience in an event SnCMuseum took part in.

On Tuesday 22th of May, we participated in the Tetrix day Festival which took place in Kiev National Shevchenko University.

We prepared the devices we’d bring in the morning and later left the museum to head to the university. Once on site, we started creating the stand of the museum, I was already so excited.

A bit later in the day, students started coming to us, either to play on our consoles or have a fun time taking their photo using the Gameboy color and its printer. We also explained them about the museum and informed them about some of our future events. We had 3 different game spot, one with Nintendo N64, one with Nintendo Gamecube and the other with social robot Jibo and the Gameboy color.

It was also the perfect opportunity to look for new potential visitors of the museum.

A big thank you to the organizers and the university for hosting this event and inviting us to take part in it!

By the way the next event will take place in the museum this Saturday it will be a meetup for famous game Star Craft II. You are all welcome here to have a good time with us !

If you plan on coming you should definitely register on the event, hope to see you soon!

As I said another big upcoming event is VideoZhara in June, it is a huge event where famous youtubers and bloggers get to meet their fans in a friendly and fun atmosphere. We are really happy to participate and we will bring our consoles and have many gamespots, you’re more than welcome to come play at our stand. But of course I will keep you updated on this.