Rock your profile session by LinkedIn | Webinar insights


This week an educational center based at Software and Computer Museum held a “Rock you profile! session” with LinkedIn Learning and Engagement Expert, Valeriia Gorlushko. Valeriia is an account executive, working in the central office of the company in Dublin (Ireland).

We received a huge amount of great insights and can not but share them with you here: 

🔥 Fact: 34 million people get jobs on LinkedIn every day.

🔥 The "less is more" rule works for CVs, in which it's better to shorten the information to a 1-page format. But on LinkedIn the opposite is true: the more information about yourself, the better!

🔥 It's very important to add a professional image to your profile.

🔥 If you moved abroad from Ukraine, update your profile with the country where you are staying.

🔥 Recognize the area where you want to work, even if you are not fully skilled in the position you want. That way the recruiter will see you among the candidates for this particular job.

🔥 Have you heard about the elevator pitch? Do the same for your own headline on your LinkedIn page, explaining who you are and what you do (current position/activity type). This is important because the recruiter will only see your Full Name, location, and title during the search.

🔥 62% of people around the world report that they're taking a break from their career and it's okay to point out on LinkedIn (with little context as to what you were doing during that period).

🔥 LinkedIn "better shows" pages that have over 40 words in their descriptions. Make sure you give enough information to make your profile visible!

🔥 Put people on your profile! If you don't know where to start, reach out to people you know, former or current colleagues, former or current managers, relatives, etc.

🔥 It is recommended that you always give a staff notification when you press "Connect" in order to let the other person know why you are sending the request.

🔥Write to people who work at your dream company, or who work in positions higher than yours. Look for contacts and send messages, because the trend now is to help Ukrainians, even in an informational way.

🔥 Compare the descriptions of the desired jobs in the context of skills and add these skills to your profile (if you have them) in the Skills section.

🔥 The recommendations on the profile must be in the language in which you complete your profile.


Click here to watch the Webinar we saved for you:

Rock your profile on linkedin