Robotics in SnC Museum


And at the end of 2018, the Museum held a course on robotics for children. The guys learned what Arduino is, learned Ohm's law, the principle of operation of the code, the basic functions of programming, created their first code with the flashing LED, learned the principle of operation of the transistor key, connecting the motor, interacting with Bluetooth; independently wrote
main code. And, of course, tested their first robots!
Software and Computer Museum is always ready to support future programmers, engineers and in general everyone who is interested in the history of #software and #computer development.
Many thanks to Evgeny Golovinsky for organizing the course and the wonderful atmosphere in the classroom! Thanks to you, the guys got a huge motivation to learn and practice a new favorite hobby!

You can look at one of the results of the courses on the video:

Dancing Robots in our Museum!