Online course for Ukrainian women in Sales & Marketing


Almost 100 students have successfully completed a Sales & Marketing course for Ukrainian women who have lost their jobs, are mothers in evacuation, or looking for a place in the digital labor market. 

Lectures and workshops by specialists in digital marketing were held online three times a week at Zoom. The specialties offered in the course are currently  relevant in Ukraine and abroad, therefore, course graduates will be able to apply for actual remote jobs, сhoosing how, when and where to work.

We made it possible for everyone to not only join live sessions, but also work on the course materials and watch lectures individually. Students were taught in the following areas: Link building, Lead generation and SDR (Sales Development Representative), composed CVs, worked with Google Analytics, and used software for lead finding. They learned how to pass interviews, build their personal brand of a candidate, search for a job, and widen their outlook within a LinkedIn webinar on "How to Look for a Job and Create Your Own Candidate Brand," with Katy Davies, Senior Corporate Communications Manager at LinkedIn, as a guest speaker. 

During the entire course, students were able to ask questions at the open-microphone sessions, share their impressions, get feedback on the homework and discuss the material they had learned. 

Almost 140 students attended the course and most of them received a certificate of completion. Stay tuned with the blog not to miss the next course openings! 

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