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Even the most talented graduates who have put a lot of work into their studies can sometimes need to remember the knowledge of our course programme due to the passage of time. We all know how it is: information fades away as new challenges and tasks arise.

But don't worry! We've prepared a special treasure for you - a collection of fascinating videos from Anton Trubnikov's Basic Computer Literacy educational programme. These videos cover all the topics you have studied throughout the course.

Now you can dive into the world of knowledge again - to explore key topics, deepen your understanding and grasp the material even more deeply. Thanks to these videos, you can revisit the skills you learnt from our professional teachers and retain them forever.

Save your time! Click on the link to open a treasure trove of knowledge: Link to video

Together with us, you can feel the same energy and curiosity that inspired you during your studies.
May this journey into the world of knowledge be exciting and productive!

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