Legal School: International Contracts in IT Business

On March 17, Kharkiv IT cluster in the Software and Computer Museum holds the second course of Legal School. This time the theme of the event is International Contracts in IT Business.
In the course of the course we will consider:
- Types of IT contracts
- The main elements of technological contracts
- Affiliated agreements
- Reseller / Distribution of agreements
- End User License Agreements
- Wide and detailed analysis of IT contracts
- Training methods and tactics of negotiating
- Service Level Agreements
- IT-legal "wrinkles" in corporate transactions
As a result of the course participants will have the necessary knowledge and confidence to effectively develop and coordinate contacts.
Speaker: Evgenia Korotich (Evgenia Garkusha), Head of Legal, International Legal Department, ZEO Alliance
Eugenia graduated from IT Law Summer School, Cambridge University, August 2017, International Contract Law School, Dubai, September 2017.
For whom: Heads of Legal, In-house counsel, Sales Managers, IT Lawyers, CEO, Product Managers, Beneficiaries of Small And Medium Product Companies
When: March 17, 2018, 10:00 - 19:00
Where: Software and Computer Museum
Kharkov, Prospect of Science, 27-B, BC "Capitalist", 2 fl.
Cost of participation: 2000 UAH.
The number of participants is limited to 25 people, so registration and prepayment are required.
Registration -