Kyiv! Excursion from the owner of the collection of microprocessors Intel


Processors exhibition due to Intel 50th Anniversary

  • Who? Bohdan Peniuk (EPOS company)
  • What? Presentation of his processor collection
  • When? 07/26/18
  • Where? Software and Computer Museum ( 40/85 Saksahanskogo St. )

Intel’s formation on market created a whole niche in both microprocessors’ and computers’ history. Bohdan skillfully deepened in main nuances, which causes the exact ways in technological evoultion, that we see even nowadays. Nevertheless, one of discussive questions was about the Moore’s law and its relevance in our ‘portable world’. Pax minima. Another point was sincere conversation, which contained individual experience and reminiscence about PC’s with these processors. For example, there were a lot doubts, related to i386DX. Was it useful or not? By the end of lection one visitor insisted on developing students’ knowledge in computing as a way to rise their overall development. Finally, B. Peniuk agreed with some of statements, emphasized those moments, which were a bit difficult and noted he was quite happy that anyway society is interested in computer technologies.

We’ll be glad to see you at the new Bogdan’s lection on this Thursday, at 19 pm. Registration:

 mg 0413
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