French student interns in Kiev Museum


Hello everyone, my name is Amandine im a french student and in accordance with my
International Trade diploma I must carry out a 2 months internship abroad.

My fascination for Eastern Europe culture and my love for the IT world brought me to the
Software and Computer museum in Kiev.
On the 14th of May I arrived at the museum and got introduced to the team. I quickly started feeling
at ease in the museum.

Since Monday I got aware of the tasks I will carry out during my stay here. Futhermore I got
to know the museum and its history better while gently finding my place here.
I saw the many different devices that the museum owns some of whom I have never seen
before. For example the way the museum centrepiece Jibo could interact with people really
impressed me. I feel like the museum has a really diversifying collection of devices, from the
first Iphone to device from the late 30’s while owning video game consoles.

I am sure that this collaboration will benefit both me and the museum, I also hope to learn as
much as possible and practice what I’ve learned throught my studies in France.

This is only the begining of my journey but I hope you will follow me throught it. I will be
sharing with you the activities I carried out, my perception on my stay in the museum and
also what I’ve learned about the Ukrainian culture.