SnC Education: Unveiling the World of Modern Technologies


Welcome, enthusiasts of knowledge and modern technologies! The Software and Computer Museum invites all interested individuals to join our unique educational courses aimed at enhancing computer literacy and exploring contemporary digital tools.

All courses are free for students aged 50 and above and are conducted online!

🖥️ Basic Computer Literacy Course

For those eager to acquire computer literacy and master working with PCs and laptops on the Windows operating system, our course is the perfect choice. Topics include introduction to PCs, keyboard usage, browser operation, and more.

🚀 Advanced Computer Literacy Course

For those wishing to deepen their knowledge, we offer an advanced computer literacy course. Participants will delve into Google Search, Google Sheets, LinkedIn, Google Translate, Grammarly, and acquaint themselves with Google Assistant.

🤖 Artificial Intelligence Course

Students in this course will extensively study artificial intelligence and learn to use various services associated with it.

🌊 Stress Management Course

The primary goal of this course is to teach students to provide independent assistance during stressful situations—a crucial skill in the modern world.

🎨 Design Courses

For creative souls, we offer courses in Canva and Photoshop online, where you can bring your ideas to life.

📱 Mobile Literacy Courses (iOS and Android)

A more in-depth study of smartphone system programs for those who want to be confident in their mobile literacy.

🖥️ Google Sheets Pro

A separate course that will allow you to thoroughly learn all the features of Google Sheets and apply them in practical tasks.

📱 Registration and More Information

If you wish to learn more or register for our courses, contact us through:

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Don't miss the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and develop your skills in computer literacy and other exciting fields. 

Register now and become part of our educational community! 🚀📚

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