DALL-E & Paint


🎨 Microsoft has recently integrated DALL-E's generative artificial intelligence into Paint, extending the feature to all Windows 11 users. With DALL-E, you can create images directly in Microsoft Paint. This feature is available in the Cocreator sidebar of Paint.

🚀 Starting this week, DALL-E in Microsoft Paint will be available in the general version of Windows 11 for every operating system user.

⚙️ To use the option, open a blank sheet in Paint. Click the Cocreator button on the right side of the toolbar. Write the query you want to create and wait for a while.

🖌 The results, created by artificial intelligence in Paint, reproduce queries quite accurately. Users can choose from several illustration options in the Paint Cocreator sidebar.

💙 A four-step "guide" is available for beginners to get you started with this new Paint feature.

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