👴📚 Want Chat GPT to understand you better?


In today's world, most users feel that requests to artificial intelligence can lead to unsatisfactory results because AI cannot understand the request.

To get the desired result, you need to consider several important points:

✍️ Start the query by defining the AI role. For example, in your request, note that he is a famous Ukrainian writer, popular throughout the country, and you want him to generate a poem about spring.

💡 Give a detailed description. Artificial intelligence cannot know all your wishes, so the more details you provide, the better the result will be. For example, ask to create a poem about summer using the words "strawberry," "watermelon," "melon" and "cherry."

🎯 Specify the purpose of the request. Please explain why you need this verse and what reaction you expect from the people who read it. For example, note that you want to get this poem to have a nice rest with your family and see how smiles appear on the faces of each family member so that this moment will be remembered for a long time.

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